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Report damage
Check the status of your reported damages
Download an up-to-date third-party insurance confirmation

 Assistance:  Car Breakdown / Accident / Collision

In the event of a sudden vehicle breakdown that may cause further damage to the vehicle (e.g. engine warning light, oil pressure warning light, etc.), the vehicle must be immobilized; in the event of an accident/collision that prevents further driving, please contact ASSISTANCE HERTZ:

Damage & Theft

Vehicle claim adjustment and damage reporting

We know how valuable your time is; hence we provide a quick claim adjustment process requiring minimal involvement of the person using the vehicle. To ensure the most favourable terms, we co-operate with the best insurance companies.     

Accident, Collision – Damage Reporting 

In the event of an accident, collision or other damage to the vehicle – regardless of whether you are the perpetrator or the injured party – the following procedure must be followed to report damage.  

Should the vehicle need to be towed – contact to Hertz Assistance:
Tel. +48 22 517 93 63

Here you will receive instructions and information on the next steps.

Vehicle damage reporting

Log in to the Driver Zone on, where you can easily and quickly report damage.

Reporting the incident to the police
Tel. 112 lub 997

If for any reason the Police cannot intervene at the scene of the incident, the injured party must receive a statement from the perpetrator of the incident in which he/she unquestionably declares that he/she is the perpetrator of the collision/accident.  

Obtaining the following information from the other participant of the incident
  • vehicle registration number and make
  • name and surname of the person driving the vehicle
  • third-party insurance number and name of the insurer
  • driving licence number
Filling in the Damage Report Form
The documents can be downloaded from:
Taking photos documenting the damages to the vehicle
Theft or burglary into a vehicle
In the event of theft or burglary into the vehicle, the driver is obliged to immediately:
  • notify the police and receive confirmation of the report
  • name and surname of the person driving the vehicle
  • notify the Hertz Customer Service Centre within 12 hours of the event
  • attach the completed and signed Traffic Damage Report Form, photos, scan and others by logging in to the “Driver Zone” on
Reporting damage to individual units:
Customer Service Centre Police
Traffic damage (in road traffic) Assistance Hertz and filling in the form on
Parking damage
Burglary, other damage, vehicle theft Assistance Hertz / Hertz Customer Service Centre

Should the vehicle need to be towed, please contact Hertz Assistance +48 22 517 93 63  or report parking damage directly via

Glass replacement

A broken or damaged vehicle window must be repaired or replaced as soon as possible. You shall register the damage by logging in to the Driver Zone on, attach the signed Damage Report Form and photos documenting the damage.

After completing the necessary documentation, you will be directed to the service centre located closest to the place of damage or use of the vehicle.

Where other parts of the vehicle are damaged in addition to the glass, the notifier shall follow the damage reporting procedure (described above).

 Periodic Inspections & Mechanical Repairs 

Should you wish to request a car inspection or mechanical repair, please contact the HERTZ Customer Service Centre at least 10 days before the date of service:

Via the Customer Panel:

The inspection dates applicable to the car are specified in the car service book and/or in accordance with the indications of the on-board computer and on

Replacement Car

Rules for obtaining a replacement car 

Should your car take more than 24 hours to be repaired and should the agreement provide for the possibility of using a replacement car, please contact the HERTZ Customer Service Centre. Phone: +48 22 500 15 00. A replacement car will be made available to you. 

The detailed terms and conditions of use of a replacement car (including deductibles) may differ from those applicable to your vehicle. The amount of the deductible is included in the vehicle handover agreement/protocol.


For your convenience, the Customer Service Centre coordinates all activities related to the tyre changeover and repair. Should you need to change or repair your tyres, please contact us via one of the three options below. Immediately upon your request for a seasonal tyre changeover, the deposit will be relocated to the indicated Tyre Service.

Via the Customer Panel:

General Information

The following information must be provided when submitting a request:
  • vehicle registration number,
  • name and surname, contact phone,
  • mileage, place of use, type of repair requested, additional comments on the technical condition, suggested date of service.

The following should be checked regularly and reliably: tyre condition and tyre pressure, levels (e.g. refrigerant, brake fluid, motor oil), lighting efficiency, brake system performance.

Should you notice any faults or irregularities during the use of the vehicle, please stop the car and contact the Customer Service Centre (HERTZ Customer Service Centre):

+48 22 500 15 00, from 8.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.
Hertz Assistance

Always keep the vehicle properly clean both inside and outside. Always activate anti-theft systems when parking, garaging or leaving the vehicle at a rest stop.

Do not leave the following in the vehicle or in a publicly accessible place: - vehicle registration certificate - fuel card - vehicle keys/card - car alarm pilots.

Fuel Cards

Make sure that the card PIN number is not kept together with the fuel card. The fuel card has an expiration date – before its expiry, Hertz will provide you with a new card. In case of loss/destruction of the fuel card, please contact Hertz immediately.

How does the fuel card work?

The fuel card is assigned to a specific vehicle (registration number) or holder (name and surname), depending on the terms and conditions of the signed agreement. When paying with a fuel card, the user will be asked to enter the PIN number and provide the current odometer value of the vehicle.

Can I refuel another vehicle with a fuel card issued to a specific registration number?

In order for the transaction to take place, it is necessary to have an authorization. For this purpose, please contact Hertz and provide the following data: fuel card number, registration number of the replacement vehicle, make, model and type of fuel used to power the replacement vehicle.

What if I forget my card PIN?

Please contact your company car fleet supervisor or write at If the PIN number cannot be determined, the card will be blocked, and a paid duplicate will be ordered.

Why has my card been blocked?

The card can be blocked:

  • by entering the PIN number incorrectly 3 times in a row,
  • by requesting a temporary hold by the card holder or your fleet supervisor.

How do I unblock my card?

After entering the wrong PIN 3 times, the Orlen card is blocked until midnight of the same day; the BP and SHELL cards will unblock automatically after 24 hours. If the card has been blocked by Hertz, please contact your fleet supervisor and write at the following address:

Foreign Trips


14 days prior to the planned departure, submit an application for authorization at:  and provide the necessary data:

  • name and surname of the person driving the vehicle,
  • driving licence number of the person driving the vehicle,
  • the countries to be visited,
  • travel time (from – to),
  • written consent of the superior (depending on the terms and conditions of the agreement).

In response to the application, HERTZ will prepare an authorization in Polish and English and send it in the form of a pdf document to the e-mail address indicated by the user.

Should you need to purchase a Green Card, please write at


If you want to know the insurance coverage of your car and check the upgrade possibilities of the insurance policy, please write at

In case of travelling to the territory of: Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, it is necessary to upgrade the insurance policy. To do this, please write at  

We encourage you to read the relevant driver information on entry/stay in the territory of a given country that can be found on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs:


Can I be authorized to use my vehicle indefinitely?

Motorent may issue an indefinite authorization only with the consent of your Fleet Supervisor.    

Can a company car be driven by a close friend or relative/family member?

The rules of using a company car are governed by your company’s internal fleet policy. Should its provisions allow third parties to drive the car, Motorent, upon request and with the consent of the Car Fleet Supervisor of your company, will issue an authorization for a second driver.

Is a scan of the Green Card a formally valid document?

No. When travelling to a country where a Green Card is required, it is necessary to carry the original document with you.   

Can I buy the assistance upgrade for a few days?

The insurance policy assistance upgrade can be bought for the period from the date of request of the upgrade until the end of the current third-party insurance.  


Third-party insurance confirmation An up-to-date third-party insurance confirmation is available for download on in the vehicle tab, third-party insurance.

The renewal of the policy appears about 10 days before the expiration date, and the terminated policy is available 7 days after the expiration date. In addition, we would like to remind you that, in accordance with the current regulations, there is no obligation to carry a printed confirmation of a third-party insurance.


Registration certificate duplicate

In the event of loss / destruction of the registration certificate, please send an application at: Remember to provide the vehicle registration number and the reason for the loss of the document.

If the registration certificate has been stolen, report it immediately at the nearest police station.

Registration plates duplicate

In the event of loss of the registration plate(s), please send an application at: Remember to provide the vehicle registration number and the reason for the loss of the registration plate(s).

If the plate(s) have been stolen, report it immediately at the nearest police station.

Obtaining a third registration plate

Should you need a third registration plate, please send an application at:

Provision of a permanent registration certificate

You should receive your permanent registration certificate within 30 days of the date of registration. If the deadline is coming to an end or if you need to pick it up sooner, please send a request at:


Can I drive without a registration certificate and a third-party insurance?

In Poland, it is possible to drive without a registration certificate and a third-party insurance confirmation; its absence during a police check will not be fined or punished with penalty points. 

Can I go abroad without a registration certificate or with a temporary permit?

Abroad, it is necessary to carry the original of a valid registration certificate. In the EU, this can be either a temporary permit or a permanent certificate. Beyond the borders of the EU, it is safest to carry a permanent certificate.  

Vehicle Return

For the return of the car, please write at:

Buy Out Your Car

Do you like the car you are currently using? Would you like to keep it after the lease and continue to enjoy the comfort of driving?

It is a piece of cake... Write to us at the e-mail address providing the registration number, the current odometer value of the vehicle, and we will calculate the value of the vehicle for you. Just remember to comply with the repurchase terms and conditions of the agreement, in this case please contact your Fleet Supervisor 30 days before the end of the lease or/and write at

Our used cars can also be found on:

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